1). How hard is it to use the MIDY Systems COOL bonding system?

  • Actually it’s very easy. The instructions are simple, and you do not need any type equipment experience to use the COOL system. BUT, if after looking at these Q&A’s, you still are having issue’s, call us! CALL 931-222-5105 Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM CST, we are here to help!!

2). The bonded seam did not work. The adhesive seems to have given away. What happened?

  • Really it depends on the material. Each type of material is a little different, and the process is a little different.
  • A.) One general answer, calls for a question. Are you using a skiver/grinder?
    • a.) First, that equipment is not part of our system. We can not offer any suggestions other than, check your abrasive disc. It may need to be replaced.
  • B.) Rubber material: Two ways, 1.) follow the instructions in the booklet page 2, for both polyester and rubber materials. You can also do a butt splice, which starts on page 6.
    • The butt splice in some situations is the best, and if you desire to use it you must follow the instructions we’ve given in the booklet starting on page 6. The process must followed very close.
    • We suggest the first thing you do is make several sample bonds on a table not in the equipment, until you get the feel of making butt splice bonds. The “adhesive fill” needs extra time to fully cure to finish the butt splice, because the gap must be filled completely. It needs about 12 hours, or overnight to fully cured.
    • As said before, the instructions must be followed exactly as given starting on page 6 in the instruction booklet. If your are not able to make good butt splice bonds, review the instruction booklet starting on page 6 one more time.
    • If you are still having issues not being able to bond your material using a butt splice, give us call at 931-222-5105 from 7:00AM-7:00PM CST Monday through Friday. We will help walk you through the process, until it works for you. It does work!
  • C.) If you have been doing the bonding with no problem’s until now, there are a couple of things that could help.
    • a.) How old is the MIDY Adhesive you are using? Try a fresh bottle of MIDY Adhesive.
    • b.) Is the MIDY Adhesive been contaminated, by not cleaning the brush after each application? If there is a chance the adhesive has been contaminated, try an unopened bottle of the MIDY Adhesive.
    • c.) If these answers do not solve your issues, please call us. We will get things worked out, so the MIDY System is working for you. That is our guaranty!
  • D.) Overlap bonds on materials: Seldom are there any issues in making overlap bonds.
    • If you are using a skiver, check your abrasive disc. It may need to be replaced.
    • a.) With our system, make sure you are sanding the material, as the instructions give and show. 1.) “Put the end through the swing plate 3/8” on the base plate. 2.) “Tighten the left swing plate down.”. 3.) “Using the sanding block, with the angled cartridge the size needed for the material thickness you are bonding. Then, sand the material to the point that both 1/8” guides on the sanding cartridge are down on the swing plate, and the base plate. 4.) Confirm you have sanded one end on top, and the other end on the bottom. 5.) Make sure both ends are square and straight with the JIG guide lines, and each other.
    • b.) If by a very extreme slim chance, an end edge does not bond, you can use the MIDY Adhesive putting a very small amount into the open end. Then, place it back under the bonding swing plate, let set 5 minutes. You may need to do a little extra sanding to smooth the bond, but it should correct the issue. If it doesn’t, you may need to add adhesive one more time. This time, let it air cure. You may need to do extra sanding to get the bond smooth. This would be the worst case scenario in this bonding process, only happens once in a thousand bonds, if then.
    • E.) Cloth Material: The only issue we have seen, is using to much MIDY Adhesive. It can cause the material to adhere to the MIDY JIG., then tear as you try to remove it. You ONLY need just enough on the cloth material to make the cloth shiny. Then as the instructions say, “Brush a layer of adhesive,(so you can see it, but not running all over the place, more is NOT better.), just so the material is shinny. Carefully observe, because some of the adhesive will soak into the cloth.”. “About 1 minute after bonding, loosen the bonding plate just enough to slide the MIDY Adhesive Stripper over the top, and under the tape material. After you have slid the stripper between the tape material and the metal of the JIG, re-snug the bonding plate. Keep the bonding plate tight and closed for, 15 minutes.”.
    • F.) Plastic Material: Actually we have not had any issues in bonding of plastic, in the testing and research we have done. But, if any issues do arise, please contact us immediately! We will find the solution, guaranteed!!!
  • These are the materials we have tested, and used. As we see other materials in the market, we will test and bond to find the perfect solution for those materials. Or as we get requests for the bonding of other materials, we will test and put on the market the solution we find that works with that material. Then add that material to the questions and answer page here.

3). The MIDY JIG base plate, and bonding plate seems to be getting MIDY Adhesive build up what can I do?

  • A.) Make sure you use the included wax paper both under and on top of the tape ends you are bonding. If you have dropped some adhesive on the base plate, you can use finger nail polish remover to clean it also.
  • B.) The base plate, swing plates, and the bonding plate are coated with a wax release com- pound. After much use you may need to re-coat the base plate, and bonding plate. If you desire you can also re-coat the outside swing plates, but it is not necessary. Unless, you are making bonds in the swing plate also.
  • C.) If you re-coat the metal, we suggest HF Staples and Co, the Crystal Clear Paste Wax (or as their website has it, Bowling Alley Wax). Or any other of paste wax, that has as much Carnauba wax possible in it. The great thing is, you can use it on your wood work or you car, too!!!

4). The cap/brush on the MIDY Adhesive, will not shut, or screw down tight, what’s wrong?

  • A.) As noted in the instructions, “NOTE: Clean MIDY Adhesive bottle top, and brush after you are finished applying adhesive!!”. Make sure the bottle cap, and brush are wiped after each time you have used it. As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness!!

5). Why can’t I cut a straight and smooth cut, on the rubber material?

  • A.) The bonding swing plate you are using to hold the material ends, may be to loose. You want it snug, but not tight.
  • B.) The bonding swing plate clamping the material ends, may be to tight, making it tilted.
  • C.) The bonding swing plate is not level with the Jig plate. It needs to be as level as possible when you use your finger to press the top of the plate down, preparing to cut the material
  • D.) You may not be putting enough finger pressure to hold down the top of the swing plate, to keep a steady pressure evenly on the materials.
    • a.) This applies to all question five’s answers, from the instructions,: “Tighten the bottom of bonding swing plate over the two ends of the tape material, to the point where if you push down the top of the swing plate, it makes the two tapes, steady and they do not move.”. Again practice makes perfect. Take some used, old “like” material and practice putting the material in under the swing plate, tightening the lower wingnut, and applying finger pressure on the top of the swing plate.
    • There is a picture (number 3) in the instructions showing exactly where to tighten and use your finger pressure. Also, make sure the swing plate is flat, before you start to tighten the lower wingnut. When you do tighten the lower wingnut, snug it down to where the top of the swing plate is above the material about 1/8”. Then apply finger pressure. That should make the material solid and steady to cut. But if it doesn’t, play with it to find your “sweet“ point to accomplish the swing plate being solid and steady for cutting. You can do it!

6.) Do I have to purchase a new sanding cartridge every time the sandpaper needs to be replaced?

  • No! Included in the kit are extra pieces of sandpaper.
  • The sandpaper is hot glued on the plastic cartridge, and is easily removed, but note where the sandpaper is placed on the cartridge. Cut a 1/2”x31/2” piece of 60 grit sandpaper, and hot glue it back in place. You are ready to go again.
  • We do offer sanding cartridges, or sandpaper on our website that you can purchase if you desire. You can also purchase sandpaper at your local hardware.
  • If you make several bonds over a short period of time, you my want to purchase an extra sanding cartridge, to save time if you are bonding and need to change the sandpaper. It’s a cheap investment, to just change out the cartridge instead of the time to replace the sandpaper.

Note: The above questions and answers are based on extensive research and testing. MIDY Solutions reserves the right to make changes with no prior notice, and refuses all claims arising from such changes. Any item is subject to change without any notice.

But we will try to keep the website up to date, with any other questions that may arise in the future. We may also from time to time, improve the MIDY System, so make sure to either send your email, snail mail address, or just continue to check the website. We will announce any changes, and try to keep you informed.

Again if all else fails, and you continue to have issues bonding your tape material’s. Don’t throw the MIDY System Kit away! Call us we are here to help you!! We have researched the system and it WORK’S, let us help you “fix” it.

CALL us at 931-222-5105 Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM CST,
with questions, concerns, or comments.
We would like to know what you think of our MIDY System, good or bad.

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