(MIDY is Pronounced with a long I, and means “gift of God”)

The MIDY System is a system used for replacing and repair of feed/delivery table tapes on printing equipment . After extensive research, God has given us the solution to making bonds on polyester, rubber and plastic material without heat!

The MIDY System can bond virtually ANY type of material you are using, or might want to use, and again without the use of heat!

Are you using the heat then cool systems for bonding?
The MIDY System will bond as good or even better, and it is totally a COLD bonding process! PLUS, it does the bonding in less time, with eliminating the heating process time!! The preparation is less time also!

The MIDY System can bond any polyester, rubber, or even the plastic with the plastic insert piece!! With NO chance of burnt fingers, or any part of the body! The system uses NO heat!

The MIDY System, can butt splice, or over lap, still creating a smooth clean bonded joint!!!!
Look Here for actual pictures of the bonds done on different materials, with the MIDY System

With a heat and cool system, many times you are able to change your tapes without taking your equipment apart. But on the other hand, there are belts and places on printing equipment that are virtually impossible to use the heat presses, and the cooling tongs.

The MIDY System is small enough to be used in the tightest places. The MIDY Jig is 4”X7”X3/4”, usable for tapes up to 3” wide. Talking with customer’s, In the near future we will offer a smaller size to fit into even the smallest spaces in your equipment.
We guarantee the bonding success of the repairs, or replacement tapes! If the process is followed according to the instructions provided, and the bonding materials we provide are used. We guarantee the bonding system is flawless!

For Video’s on the Bonding process check out our youtube channel: MIDY Solutions

We are offering the The MIDY System at the Limited Time Price of $375.00ea. Order Here

We are now offering MIDY Payment Plans Check them out Here

For bulk orders contact us at 931-222-5105 or you can email us at: Sales@midysolutions,com

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